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A Message from the Founder:

My story began when I was picking the aphids from my roses after spreading a nice layer of chicken manure beneath. I realized that I could eliminate this chore if I had chickens to do it for me, instead.

We selected three chicks to start out. And what a joyful addition they were to the yard! Not only did their crazy antics bring much hilarity, but they were incredibly easy to care for and a huge help controlling bugs and snails in the garden. I used the chicken manure for fertilizer, so every spring I cleaned out the large coop and spread the compost in my garden beds. But I often wondered how much easier it would be if I had a smaller coop to move around the yard.

Better Coops & Gardens was inspired by the picturesque barns I saw on a trip through Idaho with my son. And with the help of my master carpenter husband, we began the project to build the perfect coop!

You can get a perfect coop, too, with Better Coops & Gardens.
Better Coops & Gardens
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